Carbon Fiber Tube

3K Full Carbon Fiber Tube Multi-copter Frame Arm Landing Gear Plain Twill Matte Glossy Surface RC Drone Accessory
  • Model: NP8-0034
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Surface:  Plain , Twill , Glossy , Matte
Material: 3K carbon fiber
Widely used for airplane, multicopter, helicopter application

6mm x 4mm
8mm x 6mm

10mm x 8mm
12mm x 10mm
14mm x 12mm
15mm x 13mm
16mm x 14mm
17mm x 15mm
18mm x 16mm
19mm x 17mm
20mm x 18mm
22mm x 20mm
24mm x 22mm
25mm x 23mm
30mm x 26mm
30mm x 27mm

30mm x 28mm

Length: 500mm, 1000mm

We can customize as per your requirements. Please contact with us for the details.



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